It was nothing short of an epiphany. Several years ago, while wandering the wet streets of SoHo, I happened upon an unexpected and yet familiar sight, which stopped me cold.

There, in the window of an unmarked storefront, was an enormous sepia-toned image of a windblown horse. I stood on the sidewalk staring, oblivious to the steady drizzle. I was transfixed. It was this serendipitous discovery of a gallery in SoHo, which featured an entire show of massive, wall-sized horse images that freed me. 

     Still licking my metaphorical wounds from graduate school, I was floundering artistically. The internal battle between what I wanted to make and what I thought I should be making paralyzed me. Voices of past professors, who had dismissed my chosen imagery as trite and cliché, echoed constantly through my mind. But there, in that gallery, surrounded by the spectacular photos of the Horses of Sable Island, I felt inspired and validated. 

Like many young girls, I was obsessed with horses. I dreamed about horses. I drew and painted them. I poured over books dedicated to them. Eventually, my weekly horseback riding lesson evolved into horse ownership. I understood at a young age what a privilege it was to be around such majestic creatures. Despite countless extracurricular activities and commitments, horses were my priority. Horseback was where I was challenged and comforted, it was the one place I felt myself. 

     Because I was a member of my university’s rodeo team, I was able to bring my horses to college with me. It was then, during my first official art class, I decided to pursue a degree in art. After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art, I enrolled in the MFA program at the Memphis College of Art. For the first time in 15 years, I was no longer living near my horses. Only in retrospect do I recognize and understand the emotional impact this had on me. My MFA degree was followed by a second masters degree (MAT) and eventual employment in art education. Finally, almost a decade after moving to Memphis, I have been able to fill the horse void. In 2013 I moved my two-year-old colt from my family farm in Arkansas to Tennessee. Daily trips to the stable leave me inspired in a way I haven’t felt in years.

Although I frequently use equine imagery in my work, my creations are not simply just about drawing or painting “pretty ponies.” It is much deeper. Horses have always been my point of entry into the world, a way of framing, questioning, understanding, connecting, and commemorating. 

Often varied in style and media, the pieces are unified by subject and theme. Within the work, equine imagery is symbolic and provides the vocabulary and distance necessary to explore deeply personal issues and motifs. My work examines the relationships between memory, family, identity, and loss. The collection, reassembling, and integration of non-traditional materials (i.e. horsehair) with more conventional art mediums and methods aid in the exploration of the continuums between these complex domains. Drawing upon my equestrian past (and present) horse forms and fragments become the language through which these ideas are explored and articulated. 



My work examines the relationships between memory, family, identity, and self. The collection, reassembling, and integration of non-traditional materials (i.e. horsehair) with more conventional art mediums and methods aid in the exploration of the continuums between these complex domains. Thinking about and through the body has shaped my art process and studio practice. Human and horse forms establish the experiential space of body as subject, not simply as object.  

Drawing upon my equestrian past (and present) horse forms and fragments become the language through which these ideas are    explored and articulated. The notion of family and memory, always important elements in my art, have begun to demand a more critical role in recent work, including the collection and reconstructing of memory and the influence of family as the phenomenon that both enables and impedes.


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This price includes initial sketches, thumbnails, and studies for your approval and all materials/supplies. For oil paintings, I normally use gallery wrapped canvas (so framing is optional) or panel but I can work on whatever surface you'd like.  I ask for 1/2 the estimated cost upfront as a non-refundable deposit and the final payment once the painting is complete. I will send updates regularly for your approval or adjustments.  During these milestones please make sure you mention as early as possible if something isn’t working for you.

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Fall 2018              America's Horse in Art Exhibition, American Quarter Horse Association                                                  Museum, Amarillo, TX

Spring 2018         Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West Exhibition & Sale, Desert                                             Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, AZ

Spring 2018         Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum,                                                     Cheyenne, WY

November 2017    Mountain Oyster Contemporary Art Show and Sale,  Mtn. Oyster Club, Tucson, AZ

Sept - Oct 2017   Bareback II: Symmetry in Motion An Equine Exhibition, Studio C Gallery, Los Angeles,                            CA

Aug-Oct 2017      America's Horse in Art Exhibition, American Quarter Horse Association                                                  Museum, Amarillo, TX

July-Sept 2017     Featured Artist at Little Studio on the Square, Arlington, TN

June 2017            Germantown Charity Horse Show, Germantown, TN

May 2017             46th Annual (Juried) Tennessee Craft Fair, Nashville, TN 

April-May 2017     American Academy of Equine Art: Spring Invitational Online Juried Exhibition

March-April 2017  35th Annual Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum,                                  Cheyenne, WY

February 2017       Nasty Women, Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN

December 2016     Circle: The Coaster Show, Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga, TN

December 2016     Featured Artist, Interior Marketplace, Mountain Home, AR

November 2016     MGAL, Winter Juried Exhibition, Memphis, TN 

October 2016        GDCTA, Fall Art Show and Sale, Atlanta, GA

October 2016        Plein Air Memphis Exhibition, NWCC, Senatobia, MS

Fall 2016               America's Horse in Art Exhibition, American Quarter Horse Association                                                   Museum, Amarillo, TX

August 2016         Solo Exhibition, ELOPE, Arkansas State University MH, Mountain Home, AR

July 2016              Romancing the Horse, Institute of Equine Artists Member Exhibition

February 2016       InForm, Crosstown Arts Gallery, Memphis, TN

November 2015     Celebrating the American South, The Palladio Gallery, Memphis,  TN                        

September 2015    Huron Valley Council of the Arts: It's All About the Horse, Highland, MI

Summer 2015         Marvelous! Magazine

Summer 2015         America's Horse Magazine

Summer 2015         Studio Visit Magazine

August 2015          America's Horse in Art Exhibition, American Quarter Horse Association                                                  Museum, Amarillo, TX

March 2015           Equine Art in the Park, Denver, CO

March 2015           Horse Power and GraceIEA Member Exhibit

January 2015         Featured Artist in Louise & Maurice: Musings from the Artland

November 2014     Belle Meade Plantation Juried Art Show, Nashville, TN

October 2014        American Academy of Equine Art: Shades of Blue and Gray, Lexington, KY

March 2014           5th Annual Equine Art in the Park, Denver, CO

March 2011            MAT Graduate Show. Memphis, TN

May 2007              DADA II: Everyday DADA. Powerhouse, Memphis, TN

May 2006              DADA Ball. Powerhouse, Memphis, TN

May 2006              Idees Fixes. On the Street Gallery, Memphis, TN

April 2006             Spectacle. Performance in coordination with Idees Fixes.    

April 2006             Barcelona SEWS. Brody Gallery, Memphis, TN 

March 2006           The Garage Biennial. San Francisco, CA & Rochester, NY

April 2005             *Solo Show* New Works. Memphis, TN     

April 2005              In the Corner. MCA, Memphis, TN

March 2005            Crown of Thorns. Performance, Memphis, TN

2016-present        American Academy of Equine Art, Associate Member

November 2016    John P. Lasater IV, Dot Courson Workshops, Pontotoc, MS

May 2016             Jill Soukup Workshop Part II, Zapata Ranch, CO

2016-present        Memphis Germantown Arts League, Member

March 2016          David Shevlino Workshop, Chattanooga, TN

2015-present        Plein Air Memphis Member

November 2015    Lori Putnam Workshop, Nashville, TN

September 2015   Jill Soukup Workshop, Zapata Ranch, CO

2014-present        American Women Artists, Associate Member

2014-present        International Equine Artists Association, Associate Member

2014-present        Tennessee Craft Association, Member

2011-2014             Member, National Art Educator Association (NAEA)

Fall 2010               English Language Learners (ESL) course

2010-2013             Selected as member of county-wide Curriculum Development  Committee

July 2010              International Baccalaureate Visual Art Training

2009-2013            Member, Shelby County Education Association (SCEA)

The Contemporary Women Artists Files of the Margery Somers Foster Center at Rutgers University Libraries

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