The Artsy Equine: On My Easel(s)

Yes, the holidays can be  a frantic, and frankly stressful, time. Between wrapping presents, shopping, decorating, wrapping, juggling families, cooking, cleaning, traveling, and more(!) wrapping it's easy for me to become overwhelmed and want to disappear in the witness protection program.  But I know myself well enough now to understand how important it is  for me a find quiet place, even for just a moment. Allowing myself space to breathe and an opportunity to reflect on my many blessings, especially family, helps keep the rest of the insignificant stressors  in perspective. For me that place is the  studio or barn. I am thrilled beyond words to have a few free days in the coming weeks  to (hopefully) finish several pieces in progress and prepare for my upcoming fundraiser benefiting  the Tunica Humane Society. It's scary to put myself "out there" especially by posting work that isn't finished and might not turn out the way I'd hoped. But here's to being brave.... thoughts or suggestions are welcome (gulp.) Happy Holidays everyone!