The Artsy Equine: Day 1, Dog 1

Click Here to purchase this painting. Half of all sales will be donated to the Tunica Humane Society.

Bella Rose begins my 30 in 30 challenge. As with most of my work, this painting took longer than I anticipated. Hopefully this month-long challenge will help me learn to paint faster.  And in case you aren't familiar with the incredible work happening every day at the Tunica Humane Society I'm including Bella Rose's remarkable transformation.  Here is more information about this sweet girl:

"What a surprise this dog has turned out to be. For one that spent her entire life on a heavy chain, totally cut off from human contact, she has turned out to be one big, lovable baby. She's a power house and not for everyone but if you like big dogs, they don't come any more special than Bella Rose.

Bella is a cane corso. If you are not familiar with the breed, you should read up on them. They are brilliant dogs. We have only had one other one in all of our years at the shelter and that was Princess Kahla. She was used for breeding and came to us when she was all used up by her owner. After we rehabilitated Kahla, she was adopted by a very special couple. I am praying for the same thing to happen for Bella Rose.

This dog loves to eat, she loves to cuddle, she loves to have her belly rubbed and her back scratched. She loves to run and roll in the grass and she wags her tail with her whole heart... She celebrates her new life everyday with such joy and because of that, she has the power to lift you up when you are in her presence. I'm so happy for this dog that it makes me happy just to be around her. She's contagious..... Bella Rose is available for adoption thru the Tunica Humane Society - Tunica, Ms. 662-519-1700 Please share her story so she can light up someone's world this Christmas!!"

bella rose now.jpg