The Artsy Equine: Day 12, Dog 12

The image of Sheba running freely through across the grounds of the Tunica Humane Society  is in stark contrast to her pre-THS life. This beautiful girl was tied to a tree and abandoned by her family in Tunica County. THS writes on their Facebook page, "They left behind one of the sweetest, most loving little dogs we have had at our shelter in a long time. She is so thankful to be with us and she showers us with kisses every day. Sheba plays well with other dogs and she would be perfect with children. She has an extremely gentle touch." Sheba has since been adopted but there are countless dogs still waiting for their happy ending.  If you are interested in supporting dogs like Sheba, half the purchase price of all the 30 in 30 paintings will be donated directly to THS.

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