The Artsy Equine: Day 14, Dog 14

Day 14 belongs to Fielder. Some of you might be familiar with his history but in case you're new to THS, Sandy tells his story best...

 "3-17-14 - I couldn't believe it the first time I saw him in the fields north of town. It was at a distance but I could tell he was a very large dog. He was certainly not what we typically see in Tunica County with our strays. He was roaming a very large area and he touched my heart every time I spotted him because he looked so alone and lost. He even showed up in my backyard one night out of the blue. After several weeks of tracking him, I named him Fielder. He was running from one cotton field to the next and it was starting to take it's toll on him. He had begun to limp on one of his paws. I came up with a plan to draw him into one particular field so I could attempt to trap him. I put food out everyday on my way into town. After a few days, I was seeing him regularly at the food so I got very hopefully that soon Fielder would be safe in our care. The second night, while it was sleeting and freezing rain, Fielder circled the trap and went in. It took 3 of us to carry him out of the field and we sunk in the mud up to our knees. But what a happy night it was, when Fielder was finally rescued. He has a beautiful life now with a family that loves him beyond measure... Capturing Fielder is of my most special moments of 2014."

I hope you will all consider supporting this incredible shelter in whatever way you can. Adopt, foster, volunteer, sponsor, donate, or buy some art ;)

CLICK HERE to purchase this painting, half the purchase price will be donated directly to the Tunica Humane Society.