Day 22, Dog 22


Those eyes . . .  Lily is  another incredible THS transformation. A beautiful girl who endured unimaginable cruelty and still found a way to forgive. We could all learn something from her. I know  much has been written about Lily but I thought I'd share a couple of posts.

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"3-9-14 - I got a call from our animal control officer about a stray dog he had picked up in one of our neighborhoods. Nobody was claiming responsibility for her. They never do in Tunica County. I asked him to stop by my business so I could take a look at her before transporting her to our shelter. Needless to say, her condition was so grave, I rushed her straight to the hospital. I honestly thought that she was too far gone to be saved. But I underestimated the healing power of LOVE. Fran Jendras called me within minutes of Lily appearing on our Facebook page. She stepped up to foster and see Lily through the valley of darkness into the light of her beautiful new life. Fran poured her heart into Lily and with each new day, she got stronger. She survived heartworm treatment, when we feared that she might not. Today Lily lives a very charmed life. She is Blessed with, not one but two moms. Her foster mom, Fran and her forever mom, Phyllis. There is not a more loved dog on the face of this Earth...."

"We have been so blessed by this beautiful baby and she will always hold so much of our hearts and I know I will cry like a baby when she leaves because selfishly we will miss her, but because we love her we will let her go to her "Perfect" family. In less than 2 weeks this beautiful baby will be joining her "perfect forever family" in Louisiana. She will go to work every single day with her new mommy and her other fur-brother Or probably more like her new "Boyfriend" the way Lily loves on the boys (who is just her size). Both mommy and Fur-Brother have driven many hours and spent two different weekends with Lily over the last four months and this is a match made in heaven. They will be able to offer Lily the life that Lily needs to cater to her separation anxiety needs and her needs of never being confined to kennel or run, she will be with her mommy nearly 100% of the time. She will have a totally shaded (perfect for a solid white dog) fenced yard that is probably 5 times larger than ours and two decks from their front door that over hang a beautiful lake with squirrels and lots of doves that feast daily on the food provide from the deck. Lily's future fur-boyfriend was also a rescue pup that was in as bad a condition as Lily was when she was rescued. The love I see in Pete's eyes and his actions (her furbaby) when he looks at his mommy, tells me that she is a very special human that will love Lily more than life itself. This pending adoption I am positive was arranged by our precious Lord and Savior, because he cares for all his creations."

CLICK HERE to purchase this painting. Half of purchase price will be donated to the Tunica Humane Society.