Day 26, Dog 26

Sky wasn't initially on my "dog calendar" for today but after seeing the heartfelt posts on the THS Facebook page, I scrapped my original plan. Just in case you missed them I thought I would share some of the images and commentary here.

With only a few days left, I hope you share this (and past) posts with anyone you think might be interested in supporting the Tunica Humane Society.

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"I have been rescuing dogs for years but few have touched my heart like Sky. It has been almost a year since she came to live with us. We have watched her transform from a feral homeless dog to one of the most loving dogs at our shelter. She is a shinning example of why we never give up on these animals. They come to us so broken, none more broken than Sky. And day by day by day, we make progress with them. Baby steps but it is so worth it when they come out on the other side, like Sky. This precious dog makes all of the daily sacrifices so worth it.

Sky is leaving us this week to go to her forever home in Wisconsin. She is going to live with the same family that drove halfway across the country to adopt 2 of her beautiful puppies months ago. They are a wonderful family and Sky will have a beautiful life. The life she has always deserved.

A huge piece of our hearts is going with this one when she leaves. Sky represents everything we try to achieve. Heal them, encourage them, love them and their lives will become whole. Sky is ready to spread her wings. It doesn't make it any easier to let her go. Here I am crying and she's not even gone....."


"SKY met her new family this morning. They are spending the day with her so she can get to know them before making the long drive back to Wisconsin tomorrow. Watching her as she responded to Angela and Dave, made my heart burst with pride. She has come so far in her journey from being a feral dog to a beautiful, loving creature that is going to give her family so much joy. I am so proud of Sky and the amazing dog she has become while in our care."