Day 28, Dog 28

Okay. Admittedly I've had some struggles during this 30 day challenge and yes, I know I'm not done yet. I really tried not to talk about, share, or focus on the struggles during this process. Reflecting on the past 4 weeks, I see most  of my issues had to do with the ridiculously fast (translation: nearly impossible)  time frame. I mean really? I can spend weeks (okay, months) on a single piece:  30 in 30 days? What the 'F' was I thinking? I've been on warp speed for four weeks, ignoring my horse, family, friends, job, housecleaning, laundry, etc.  Maybe the fact I made it to day 28 before I felt compelled to write this is a victory. 

Day 28 brought me to Jonah. This tiny, frail, broken baby reminded me so much of Joey, whose impossibly sad images still haunt me. So I have spent the day (beginning at 5 am) trying to capture and honor him/them. But it was a fail. Every time I drew (and redrew) then painted (and repainted) his image he just  looked so sad. And frail and pitiful. Because he is. Yes, he's a fighter. Beating the odds everyday and I absolutely want to celebrate him (and the people working so hard to save him) but the images didn't do him justice. They  aren't what he will be. They aren't the happy, healthy dog I know he will become....

So this is why the 28th day is the first "abstract" day. Painted primarily with a palette knife I wanted to capture his essence, his future (not his current reality.) And while  I realize that the traditional viewer probably won't respond well to the "chaos" I just couldn't bear to memorialize him in a realistic/representational way,  as a victim.  It just isn't what he will be.  So it won't be what I make him. So there it is, my first major departure. I have started a more traditional "back up" painting which I'll share at some point tomorrow. Guess that means I'll have 31 in 30.

Nonetheless, there only a couple days left in my fundraiser. I don't foresee the internal conflict in representing the remaining pups, so I hope everyone will continue to support and follow.  CLICK HERE to purchase this painting. Half of the purchase price will be donated to the Tunica Humane Society.


*Jonah's story and updates below


Our little warrior is stronger today than he was yesterday. He is moving around more, sitting up and obviously feeling better than he was last night. He gave us a real scare yesterday but I knew after talking with Dr. Kristie, he was in the best of hands, we just have to be patient about his progress. She has monitored his condition around the clock and given me constant updates and that has meant the world to us.

Our major concern for Jonah is the fact that very little substance is leaving his stomach and moving into his intestines. He still has critical problems there. He may be facing some additional surgery in the next few days to see exactly what is going on but for now, Dr. Kristie says we should stay the course and see what the next couple of days bring. She wants him to get his strength back so he will be able to go thru additional procedures, if needed. 

Jonah is a fighter, for sure. All of us are fighters. All of you following him are fighters. Dr. Kristie is a fighter. Seems we are all fighting together to save this precious innocent dog.... Faith and Love, It's A Beautiful Thing...."


I just got off the phone with Dr. Kristie and our little fella is responding well to his emergency care. They have just about completed his blood transfusion and his gums are already pink. Now that his body temperature has been restored, he is up and standing in his kennel. She said he almost took her hand off when she offered him a small amount of food. Thank you so much for praying for Jonah. I wouldn't have given him a chance when we found him late today. The Power of Prayer and a caring, compassionate vet. It makes all the difference in the world."

"Our Little Miracle Dog - Jonah.....

Honestly, I never thought I would have the opportunity to post an update picture on Jonah. I am so amazed that this little dog has survived after finding him in the condition we did. When I first spotted Jonah's starved and lifeless body on the cold ground, I thought it was already over. When I wrapped him in a blanket and placed him in Melissa's car, I thought he was already gone. He was cold to the touch. His eyes were unresponsive. But because of the quick actions by a very special vet when Jonah first arrived at the hospital, I am able to post a precious picture of our little warrior today.

Jonah survived a very tough surgery. And today, he felt strong enough to stand on his own. He's not totally out of the woods but as I have said, he is doing everything in his power to meet us halfway. This little dog wants to live so our battle is halfway won.

Thank you again for praying for Jonah. All of the candles burning for Jonah have touched our hearts deeply. Some people are thinking, he's just a dog... But to us, he is so much more. He is an inspiration and he has united an army of people, raising their voices together in prayer. All for the love of one little dog that was wrongly abused."

"Prayers for Jonah....

For those of you that have followed our shelter for years, you know the story of "Joey"... Joey was starved beyond belief and by the Grace of God, we saved him. What has always tormented me about Joey's journey, is that no one was ever held accountable for the unforgivable abuse that Joey suffered. Forced to eat rocks and sticks to stay alive while the neighborhood went on around him. The only difference here with "Jonah" is that I KNOW who this little dog belongs too. And I am going to do everything in my power to see that this owner is held accountable for the suffering and pain this dog has endured. I am asking you to pray for Jonah because only a miracle can save him now. This dog has nothing left to fight with but our prayers.

I wasn't prepared for this tonight. My heart wasn't prepared for this. I know Melissa wasn't prepared for what we found because we were both choking back our tears. I asked Melissa to come along with me on what I thought was going to be a routine complaint, someone's dog in a neighbor's yard. The lady wanted the dog removed from her front door. We get these calls all the time. I would give anything if this call had come in months ago because sadly, I am afraid we are too late for Jonah.

This broken little dog is now at the emergency hospital. They couldn't even get a temperature on him when Melissa arrived. His body was cold from exposure. His stomach is compacted with bone fragments and trash. They have him on heating pads and they are desperately trying to flush out his system so he can have passage again. He is going to need a blood transfusion and they are getting that in place right now. I know in my heart, they are doing all that they can to bring him back from death's door. The problem is, Jonah will have to meet them halfway. Pray now that he can find the strength to do that. Pray now that he has the will to live just like our Joey... I believe in Miracles, always have. I choose to believe that this innocent dog will one day know what kindness and compassion and love feel like. The human race owes it to him......"

"Just talked with Dr. Kristie a few minutes ago. She had to do surgery on Jonah late this afternoon because the mass in his stomach was not moving. It's a good thing she decided to move forward with the surgery because Jonah had a whole carcass of bones and fur in his tummy. She's not sure what it was he had eaten but it wasn't going anywhere and was going to be fatal tohim. When dogs are starved to this degree, they will eat just about anything to stay alive. His stomach was flushed out, everything cleaned up and he is now awake and doing well, considering all he has been through. This was major surgery for this little dog so please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I named him Jonah for a reason. And he isn't disappointing me. What a little miracle...."


"Our little hero continued to improve overnight. His blood count in now up where it should be, thanks to the blood transfusion. He is extremely interested in eating but they have to go ever so slow with feeding him at this point. His doctor's biggest concern is that the mass of garbage and bones in Jonah's stomach doesn't seem to be breaking up and passing through his system. They plan on repeating his x-rays later this afternoon to see if there is any change. It is a possibility that Jonah will have to have surgery to clean out all of the debris he has ingested just trying to survive. But he is stable and he is meeting his doctors halfway so we are very optimistic about Jonah's future. In the meantime, some people around the country are burning candles for Jonah... How beautiful is that."