Grief, Gratefulness, & Goals

I can't begin to thank everyone for the flowers, cards, balloons, emails, messages, and texts I've received in the past week. During a time like this, I think it is easy (and normal) to focus on what we have lost. But this entire ordeal has shown me not only what I've lost but what I have.

It is humbling to realize all the people who took time from their busy lives to write, comment, call, etc. I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate each of you. Yes, I know she was "just a dog" and of course this doesn't compare to the loss of a child, sibling, or parent but she was my family and I have been comforted by your condolences and words of encouragement.

Now that I'm beginning to feel a little more like myself, I am going to try to channel some of my grief into a few goals I made prior to losing Sophie. Over the coming weeks I will share some of them but the first will be to develop a more intentional daily painting practice. Although I am disciplined in my studio practice and rarely miss a day painting, I struggle to finish pieces in a "reasonable" time frame. There is always something I would like to correct or improve so I end up dragging them out for weeks or months and then overworking (okay, ruining) many of them. 

Embracing, even just accepting, the imperfections in my work and abbreviated time frame were two of my biggest struggles during January's 30 Paintings in 30 Days. And they have been recurring problems during my recent plein air attempts. My goal is to work smaller, complete, post and hopefully sell a piece everyday (or almost everyday) for the next month.  

I will share paintings for sale on my website/blog but I am also considering other avenues (specifically to sell work. If anyone has experience or had success buying or selling on this or other platforms, I would love your input and suggestions.

And don't forget I'm giving away another piece of art this month. Make sure you are signed up for my monthly newsletter to be entered.

Thank you again for all your kind words this past week.