If You Build It... Part 2

*if you haven't read Part 1, you can do so here.

Standing on the warehouse loading ramp, my excitement over the elusive 'used flat file' discovery was tempered slightly as I watched three men struggle to load the beast into the back of my truck.

Fifteen minutes later, dripping with sweat (it was almost a hundred degrees already and so humid it felt like you were drowning) the men had successfully loaded the files. They shuffled towards the building, muttering to themselves (what I'm certain were swear words) in Spanish. All I could think was, how in the world am I going to get this upstairs to the new storage/shipping/photo studio? Well, that and why the strip club was so busy mid-morning on a Wednesday? I decided both were questions for later, hopped in my truck and went back to silently congratulating myself for my find.

My helpers :)

My helpers :)

I arrived  home and still didn't have a solid plan for moving my treasure. Fortunately I have a hardworking, problem-solving friend who was up for the challenge (thanks Hudd.) We decided taking her apart was the best plan and went to work dismantling the cabinet.  Weather in Memphis during late summer is particularly unforgiving but piece by piece we carried her upstairs to her new home.

Then came the fun (translation: air-conditioned) part: planning the room layout and reassembling. 

....to be continued.