Day 2: Help Find Annie

Sweet Annie's life had turned around.  And then she slipped away. She has been missing for a couple months now but no one is giving up hope. Despite several reported sightings and a large reward she is still on the run. Please share her information and lets help get Annie home.

Here is a little bit of her backstory. "We have had some wonderful things happen at our shelter over the last few days. We are feeling very Blessed, to say the least. But I can't fully express how happy we are for Annie. This precious dog had become so depressed at our shelter. She had no interest in eating or playing with other dogs. I knew we had to do something for Annie quickly and moving her to a foster home with Denise and Jerry Bennett seemed like the Miracle we needed to pull her back out of the darkness.

Annie's transformation in just a few short days has been amazing. I give all of the credit to Jerry and Denise. They have adopted 3 other dogs from THS, each with their own set of issues, and they are precious, loving dogs today. Annie immediately took to Jerry. She started following him all over the house right off the bat. She doesn't trust easily so that says volumes about Jerry. Denise told me all of her dogs have beds in their bedroom and Annie decided she would sleep with the pack last night. That was huge for Annie. This morning she is following Denise around and welcomed a rub to her head without cowering like she did at the shelter. And best of all, Annie is eating again...

Annie's rebirth is a testament to what a difference a loving home can make to these troubled animals that end up in our shelter. Even a shelter as loving as ours. Annie needed out and I can never say thank you enough, to Jerry and Denise."

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