Day 17: Lily

 She is a THS favorite. Day 17 belongs to Lily. 

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 Here is Lily's story as told by her foster mom Fran: 

"When the first picture of Lily was posted to Tunica's Facebook Page, tears filled my eyes immediately. The next thing I did was pick up the phone to Sandy. She had rushed Lily to the vet as soon as she was found because her condition was so grim. Sandy told me if Lily survived, I could pick her up the next day and foster her in my home. I know in our hearts, we were both holding out hope that Lily would see another tomorrow. With answered prayers, tomorrow came for this precious dog and my family picked Lily up at the clinic. With the list of medical and emotional issues she had to overcome, we knew we had a very long road ahead of us. As we started treating Lily for one ailment after another. It seemed that this sweet dog lived at the vet. There were many sleepless nights I sat up holding her in my arms to ease her pain.  She fought with everything she had and 5 months later, she suddenly became the happy, healthy, beautiful dog she is today.

What amazed me about this abused and battered pup was her capacity to love. After all the torture she had been through, she didn't just love, she loved with all her heart. Her heart was as pure as her crystal blue eyes. While Lily was stealing our hearts, she was also stealing a whole world of hearts and teaching others along the way. I received messages from people around the world saying they were always afraid of pits because of how they are portrayed in the media. Those that followed Lily's journey back to life said she had totally changed their perspective on pitties. 

At the very moment I first saw Lily, there was another person miles away in Louisiana that saw her picture too. Her phone call to Sandy was only minutes apart from mine. She wanted to know where to send a check to cover all of Lily's medical expenses. She also wanted to know where to send her adoption application to ensure that Lily would have a loving home, once she was feeling better. Phyllis loved Lily before she ever met her. We were looking for the perfect fit for Lily and we weren't going to settle for less. Phyllis and her dog Pete, made several trips to visit with Lily while she was going through heartworm treatment. There was a level of peace that eased my heart and mind within minutes after Phyllis arrived at my home to meet Lily for the first time. I watched her as she sat down on the ground under a tree and quietly let Lily come to her. I knew instantly why Lily had fought so hard to live. She was meant all along, to have a wonderful life with Phyllis. And at that moment, I knew I could let her go. "