Day 4: Sweet Suri

Suri's story as told by Sandy...

These 2 little dogs were rescued yesterday morning out by the river. Thank goodness someone cared enough to report them to me when they saw them eating garbage.








Suri and Kinley are at the vet this morning and little mama Suri, on the right, is expecting her puppies any minute. Dr. Lisa is going to take Suri home with her this evening, just in case she runs into complications with her delivery. The thought of this sweet dog having her puppies out in the elements is so upsetting. We are SO happy that she was found in time to have her babies in a safe and warm place. God was certainly watching over this little mama dog.

A very heartfelt thank you to Dr. Lisa with Stateline Clinic for taking little Suri home with her tonight. Suri's puppies could come at any moment and we find great comfort in knowing that she will be in the care of our vet around the clock, until her puppies arrive. This is just another reason why we love Dr. Lisa so much... She lives and breathes for these precious animals..

..Dr. Lisa says Suri is doing very well. She ate a big breakfast this morning, then settled right down with her babies. She's got this Motherhood thing under control... God Bless this little family and God Bless Dr. Lisa for her caring heart.

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