Day 9: Mouse

"He Lived Quiet As A Mouse....
His body is growing weary. His life on the streets has taken it's toll. But he is resting comfortably with me tonight. Clean for the first time in his life, his tummy full with something other than garbage, he is loved and he is snoring away at this very moment. Music to my ears..... 

I managed to get a tiny little tail wag last night. It was just 2 little twitches of the tail but it made my heart soar. I've been thinking about that moment all day.

I first saw this little dog about 2 years ago in the Walker Sub. He would dart in and out between the houses and trailers, holding up one of his hind legs. I could never get close to him, he would disappear out of sight so quickly. I asked about his leg and a man told me he had been attacked by some dogs and one of his legs was almost ripped off. He never had a family so no one ever took him to the vet when he was injured. His little body healed on it's own but left him badly damaged..

A few months later, I went by Reverend Polk's house with some cat and dog food and I saw this little dog again. He was living up under the trailer next door. I still couldn't get close to him, he was always fast as lightening and no one had ever touched him. He certainly wasn't having any part of me. Then about 6 months ago, he disappeared again. When I asked about him this time, Reverend Polk told me he thought another dog had killed him.So, it was much to my surprise today when I went to check on the injured dog in the Old Sub, there was this same little dog, still surviving against all odds. I started to cry the moment I saw him. It was so wonderful to finally be able to scoop him up in my arms.

My heart was broken that day because all I could think about was how this precious little dog had struggled his whole life, never knowing human kindness. I was overwhelmed with guilt because I was never able to capture him and give him a better life."

Although he he is no longer with us, at the end Mouse knew love. He knew compassion. The Tunica Humane Society gave him that. However short the time, he knew he mattered. Help other dogs like Mouse know love.

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