The Artsy Equine

I've been giving a lot of thought to what I want this blog "The Artsy Equine" to be, who can it serve, and how best I can help meet the needs of artists and art-lovers? Essentially, what value can I provide? Although I have a sense of what those answers might be, it is my hope that  a dialog will develop and the discussions can help guide content. But we can only start where we are and the three broad themes I keep coming back to are: Process, Production, and Product

I consider Process the idea and inspiration stage. I'm very interested in learning how other artists approach things like idea generation and research.  How others prepare for the physical and mental act of creating. Where they find inspiration and what they do when the inspiration just won't come. How do others keep their creativity going over the course of weeks and months and years.

For me Production includes the actual making. Technical things. For example, what media is used? How are the various materials implemented? What setup or studio space do is needed to create the work? In progress photos and explanations, artists working habits, tips, tutorials, etc.

The Product is the final work of art. That might include drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, prints, installations, fiber work, ceramics, performance, etc. More than a simple gallery of images, I would like to create a forum for quality conversations, meaningful critiques, show reviews, and artists' reflections.

Like most things, this is blog is a work in progress. I welcome any suggestions, ideas, and comments for topics or directions. Thanks for joining me and please share this with your friends and family.