The Artsy Equine: Day 16, Dog 16

It's Fluffy Dog Friday :) A fan favorite, I know most of you are familiar with her story but just in case you missed it here is Sandy's recounting of her rescue.

"Last summer I received calls from 2 different ladies who had followed this dog's plight for months. They both were asking for our help. I was touched by how desperately they wanted her rescued. At first it was just a challenge and I love a good challenge when it comes to rescuing a dog. Especially, when everyone else has been unsuccessful. But after that first night, when I laid eyes on this frightened dog, it became more than just a challenge. Getting Fluffy Dog to safety became part of my heart.

Melissa and I started our quest for Fluffy on a Monday night. It was raining so hard that night, we ended up in a Pizza Parlor, waiting for the rain to subside. We thought we would have some fun and make a few videos about our efforts that first night. When those videos hit our Facebook page, it seemed the whole world got on the Operation Fluffy Dog bandwagon.

By Tuesday night, most of the people in Southaven knew we were trying to capture the big fluffy dog and everything turned into a circus. Cars parked across the street observing as we tried desperately to bond with the dog, people waving as they went by, shouting and wishing us luck, even a shrine of toys appeared at the car wash where Fluffy liked to hang out. By Wednesday, I was really feeling the pressure because there were others that had entered the quest for Fluffy. She was being followed at every corner. I suddenly became very concerned for this terrified dog because so many people were pursuing her. That's when I called in Pat Hissong to join Melissa and I in our mission to bring Fluffy to safety. It became very urgent to me at that point because I didn't want to see Fluffy hurt in any way.

We took Thursday night off, to let the fluffy dog frenzy die down. And we made a commitment that we were going to capture Fluffy on Friday night, regardless of how long it took. The plan was to get her while she was sleeping. I had been feeding her out of my hand all week so she was comfortable staying in the same area with us. We just had to wait till she got tired enough, to lay down close by. It finally happened at about 2 am, in the grass by the bank. The plan was to throw a blanket over her, wrap her up and throw in my car. Problem was, she woke up just before Pat got to her. That didn't stop Pat Hissong, she just threw herself on top of the dog and pinned her to the ground. Melissa and I rushed in, threw the blanket over Fluffy and tossed her in a kennel. We had her and what was surprising was how calm she was, once we loaded her up. I think Fluffy Dog was as relieved as we were. She was finally safe and she knew her struggles were over."

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