The Artsy Equine: Day 4, Dog 4

Calling all beagle lovers... This one is for you. Well, this painting (not the dog) is for you because sweet Honey has already  found her  forever home. But her journey was so touching and she is a wonderful example of how a little love and patience can make all the difference in a life. I just couldn't skip this precious girl, Day 4 is dedicated to Honey. 

A few lines from her story: "Honey has been with us since Wednesday and she is still extremely timid. We are trying hard to let her know that she has nothing to fear with us. This is one little beagle that hasn't had much love in her life. I can tell now Honey is going to be a challenge... But she is so worth it."

Visit your local shelter, there are lots of available dogs just waiting for you so show a little love and patience. I promise, they too will be so worth it.

CLICK HERE to purchase this painting. Half of all 30 in 30 sales will be donated directly to the Tunica Humane Society.