The Artsy Equine: Update and Day 5, Dog 5

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Thank you to everyone for the kind words, encouraging comments, shares, and (most importantly) purchases. I have spent the past couple days reworking my dog “calendar” because several people have sent messages requesting specific dogs or images be among those painted. Getting your feedback has been really helpful. I’ve tried to create a mix of available dogs and THS favorites (even if they have already been adopted) but if you have suggestions or requests please feel free to email me ( or comment on Facebook or my blog. And most importantly, please share this fundraiser with anyone you think might be interested in participating or following along.  CLICK HERE to purchase a painting. Half of all sales will be donated to THS.

Day 5 is Puddin's day.  I think this little girl has the most soulful eyes (as most shelter pups do.) Here is a little bit of her story: "2-20-14 - I had watched her for months as she scrounged for food in the ditches and side roads of Tunica. She was a roamer, never staying in one area and I could never get close enough to capture her. Until one day, she got in our trap. I've driven many, many dogs back to our shelter after being rescued. But few have touched my heart as much as Puddin. I was so relieved when I placed her in my car. Puddin's Freedom Ride. Her life on the streets was over and her beautiful new life began." 

I encourage everyone reading this to visit or volunteer at your local shelter. Spend some time with these soulful eyes and you'll never be the same.  Rescued animals are beautiful old souls with a lifetime of stories, and unfortunately most of those stories tragic. And yet they are the most forgiving, grateful and loyal creatures. We could all learn something about love and life from them. Puddin is one of the fortunate THS dogs who has already been adopted but there are many, many more patiently waiting to rewrite their story in a forever home .

CLICK HERE to purchase Puddin's portrait. Half of purchase price will be donated to THS.