The Artsy Equine: Day 8, Dog 8

Day 8's star is Brewsky. He seems like the most joyful boy. An animal's happiness is infectious and I know when this precious dog finds his forever family he will bless them with his joy. I loved this little story about Brewsky and his friend Sabrina receiving a gift from their sponsor family: "THE FAGAN FAMILY has done it again! Brewsky and Sabrina got an amazing package of goodies today from their sponsor family. Beautiful new blankets and lots of toys and treats. These two dogs are so hard to photograph because they get so excited when their stuff arrives. They are literally dancing in their kennel...." We should all be so lucky to have such happiness in our lives. Visit your local shelter and adopt some happiness for yourself.

CLICK HERE to purchase this painting and support the Tunica Humane Society. Half of sale will be donated to THS.