The Artsy Equine: Day 9, Dog 9

IMG_0582-1 (dragged).jpg

I'll vouch this pup too. I remember him from my first visit to THS. I left with the impression Highway was an incredibly sweet and devoted boy who deserved to be in a home as loving as he was. I guess I was pretty close to correct because here is what those who know him best have to say,  "This dog had the most loving home and then a tragic thing happened to his family and he had to come back to our shelter. It happens without fail, the moment I open Highway's gate, he flies straight into my arms. He does the same thing with my sister and Melissa and Lori. He completely wraps his body around us. It seems that he lives for that moment of comfort each day. For just a moment he is frozen in our arms and then he is off to the playground to take care of his business. And then just as quickly he is right back by our side, lying at our feet while we finish cleaning his kennel. Highway was a very loved dog and they spent a great deal of time with him so being back at the shelter has been hard on this dog." Lets help him find his forever home...

Half of the purchase price of Highway's portrait will be donated to the Tunica Humane Society. Please share with all your dog and art loving friends. CLICK HERE to purchase.