Day 13: Queenie & Fergie

Long live the Queen. Most of you know Queenie's story and have seen pictures of her precious children (seriously some of the most beautiful puppies I've ever seen.) I will copy some of Sandy's posts about this sweet mother & daughter and their bond below.  Sadly, Queenie has now passed on but sweet Fergie is blossoming in her new foster home.

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"Sometimes we get a mother dog and puppy that are so close, it would be devastating to separate them. That's exactly how it is with Queenie and her little daughter. These 2 play constantly in their kennel. And when they are outside, they are seldom far apart.

Today when I took Fergie to the vet, her mother cried out at the gate of her kennel the whole time we were gone. She cried real tears. Her fur was wet from her tears. And when I returned with little Fergie, her mommy licked her from head to toe.

Queenie has had a very, very tough time her whole life. She went without food for days at a time. She never had any medical care. At some point, her front leg was broken and healed back on it's own. It is wonderful to see her blossoming in our care. And she loves her little pup with all her heart. So when Fergie leaves our shelter to go to a loving forever home, it will only be with her mother coming along. We could never break their hearts by splitting them up."