Day 14: Wolfie

There has been some turmoil in Wolfie's life but THS is helping to turn that around. He is now in a fantastic foster home and available for adoption. 

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 Here is some of what Sandy has shared about Wolfie and his journey. 

"Just when we think we have seen it all...   Stephanie and Michael Jones drove to Tunica early this morning to deliver their foster pups for transport. On their drive back home, they discovered a dog in a field, chained to a dead deer. The dog is very friendly and seems to be healthy. It seems someone abandoned him there. He has been rescued now but we will always wonder about his story.

Wolfie was surrendered to our shelter thru no fault of his own. It is obvious to anyone that meets him, he has been loved and nurtured his whole life. He craves human contact. He couldn't care less about other dogs, he just wants to be close to people.

Wolfie is about 4 years old. He is struggling at our shelter. And frankly, having him here is a waste of an extraordinary dog. He should be with a loving family. He should be someone's constant companion. He should be resting at the foot of someone's bed each night, protecting his family from harm.

You know how to tell when someone TRULY loves their dog. When that person puts the dog's best interest above their own. 

I am not going into all the drama that has surrounded the rescue of this dog. With me, what is upmost important is the safety and well-being of this dog. Wolfie is a good dog. He has been surrendered to our shelter so that we can insure that he will live in a safe and loving environment the rest of his life. End of story. Beginning of a new and happy life for Wolfy.

I am on a mission to get this extraordinary dog out of our shelter. We have to teach most of our dogs how to give and receive love when they first arrive. Wolfie already knows how to love. He is ready right now to become part of a family. Please call me if you would like to meet him. 662-519-1700"