Day 15 : Mugsy

How about this guy's grin? 

Sandy tells Mugsy's story "I will never forget the day Jim and Melissa and I happened up on this dog in an abandoned house in South Memphis. He was just sitting there waiting on us to rescue him. He is a great dog. He deserves a forever home. If you would like to meet Mugsy, please call me so I can arrange it. 662-519-1700. He is available for adoption thru the Tunica Humane Society - Tunica, Ms

Mugsy is as sweet and gentle a dog as you will ever find. He gets along well with female dogs and most males. He just loves to sit in your arms and stare into your eyes and let's you love on him. He will sit that way for hours as long as you continue to hug him and love him. He's waiting for his forever home." 

CLICK HERE to purchase this painting. Proceeds to benefit the Tunica Humane Society.