Day 19: Jenny

I have a soft spot in my heart for senior dogs. My sweet Sophie became even more precious to me with every white hair that appeared on her face and I'm so glad that there are places like THS who value each dog regardless of age, breed, and background. Please help support this incredible organization. 

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Sandy writes, "Jenny looks amazing now, compared to when she was rescued. We are so thankful to her foster family that has taken such good care of her, over the last couple of months. Jenny will never forget them nor will we. So grateful for their kindness to this senior dog.

Several weeks ago I posted about Jenny. We were trying to find her a new foster home where she could be the only dog. She has been with a wonderful foster family since we rescued her but their young dog is having to take backseat to everything and we felt it was best to move Jenny to another home so everyone could be happy.

Unfortunately, no one responded to our plea and Jenny came back to the shelter this morning. This is a precious senior dog and she is in the final stages of heartworm disease. She is no longer a good candidate for the treatment so we are managing her health as best we can with medications. Jenny is appx. 13 years old. She has had a long life of disappointments. But we will not disappoint her in the final stages of her life. She still has a lot of spunk. She still loves to stretch out in the sun and roll in the grass. She still loves to give kisses and be hugged. She still has good quality of life. We can do all that for Jenny, right here at our shelter. Not the perfect ending we wanted for this precious dog but she will be cherished and loved until her final breath. Starting today, Jenny has a great big family and we are standing in line to let her know how much she matters to all of us..."