Day 20: Sway

Sway is one of the THS stories from 2015 that stick out in my mind most. I'm not sure why but there was something about him that touched me. I have no doubt he has been a blessing for his new family.  Help support THS. 

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Sandy wrote this about him early in his journey, "I love all dogs. But I LOVE this dog. He is just the most special fella. Effortless. That is the perfect description of Sway. He has amazing house manners, he is obedient, he walks on a leash and loves to ride in the car. He savors every moment of his bath and brushing. He loves to greet my other dogs, he couldn't care less about my sassy cat and he lays quietly at my feet when I am home. I will be the first to admit, this is one foster dog that I will miss with all my heart but I know I need to leave a space in my home so I can help another shelter dog along their journey to their forever family. I know that.... So Sway will be going to his new foster mommy on Monday. Her name is Leslie and she is very excited about helping Sway along his way. He kinda had her at first glance too!

I drove Sway to Stateline Clinic for his Wellness Check this morning and he is being neutered today. He was so happy sitting up in the van, much different from the first time he climbed into my backseat on Saturday, totally exhausted and depressed. Unfortunately, he tested positive for heartworms but we knew that was coming. He will start his treatment very soon and he will be just fine, it's just going to slow him down for awhile.

This dog is a treasure. We are going to search until we find him the perfect family that will love him and cherish him always. Someone had NO idea what they had when they let Sway get away the first time around. But his Second Chance is going to be nothing short of glorious."