Day 22: Wally

I love happy endings and Wally has had his happen ending because THS facilitates miracles. I hope you will share this post with all the dog and art lovers in your life. 

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Wally is another touching story demonstrating the power of love. I hope you will read his moving story told by the women who love him most.

"February 11, 2014 - I received a message about a little blind dog that had been dumped at the end of a gravel road. I drove to Tate County as fast as I could as soon as I saw his picture. What I remember most about him on the long ride to the clinic, was how defeated he was, as he sat in the seat next to me. He was overwhelmed with sadness. Everything on his body hurt. What kind of person could do such a heartless thing... What kind of person could have let him get in the condition he was in and then just throw him away... In the end, everything worked to the Glory Of God for this little dog because he found the family he was always meant to be with. He found Jodi. His name is Wally and he is the most precious little soul in the world.I have received so many messages asking for an update on Wally." 

"I am happy to report that Wally is doing wonderful! Many of you have followed his story from day one and have been through all the triumphs and setbacks. From cataract surgery and regaining his vision to struggling through heartworm treatment and his last hurdle with glaucoma and having his left eye removed. Throughout all of this Wally remains to be one of the sweetest pups ever. The unconditional love and bond that he and I share is unlike any I've known. We recently had to say goodbye to our 16.5 year old fur baby and one evening as I sat alone in the living room and had my emotional breakdown Wally came to my side nudged my arm and licked my cheek. From the day we picked up Wally I knew there was something special about him. Something unlike any of our other Foster pups. I just didn't realize how much he would touch our lives. We are so thankful to THS, Dr Lisa, and Dr Miller. Our sweet Wally will always be cherished and loved."