Day 23: Jonah

 Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Jonah's  discovery. So one year and one day later we celebrate Jonah and all the other sweet souls that THS has saved. Help them continue their incredible work. 

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Here is Jonah's story from the THS 2016 calendar, "I thought I had seen it all until the day we discovered Jonah. What started out as a routine call from a woman complaining about her neighbor's dog, turned into one of our most heartbreaking rescues ever. We found Jonah lying lifeless on the concrete. His body, pressed against the front door of the house. It was freezing cold that day and just inside the house, everyone was warm and safe. They hadn't even noticed that this little dog was barely clinging to life, right on their doorstep. The woman called to tell me the dog was a nuisance. She wanted ;him removed from her yard. She hadn't noticed that Jonah was almost starved to death. And that his body was trembling from the brutal cold. She just wanted him gone. When Jonah arrived at the hospital, we had already accepted the fact that we were too late to save him. His body was already stiff. They couldn't get a temperature on him. Lucky Jonah, there was a doctor on duty that night fought hard for him. She wasn't letting him go down without a fight. For the first time in his life, he mattered and he didn't disappoint. He fought back just like Jonah in the Bible. After a series of blood transfusions, emergency surgery to remove bones and debris from his stomach, weeks and weeks of intensive care, Jonah left the hospital, a new dog. 

In the real world of neglect and animal cruelty, Jonah would have never survived. He would have died on that doorstep, completely unnoticed by the people inside. But in our world of Faith, Hope and Love, Jonah came out the other side. Today Jonah is a healthy, happy, hilarious pup. He makes us laugh with his funny antics. He makes us cry just watching him as he loves with all of his heart. He inspires us to never give up, even when all seems lost."