Day 28: Nola

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Here is Nola's story as told by Sandy, "I have always felt that little Nola was saved by Grace. It was just by chance that I spotted her one day. No one had reported this puppy with a deeply embedded collar. I was in the neighborhood searching for another dog that everyone was complaining about. I only saw Nola for a very brief moment, but I knew she was in trouble.The deep wound and open gash on her neck were very visible even from across the street.

Nola wouldn't come to me. She wouldn't come to anyone. I am sure when was just a puppy, her so called owner clamped a flea collar around her tiny neck. And then, as the new wore off, she was thrown outdoors to fend for herself. Puppies don't do well on the streets. They need to be held and nurtured at a very young age. In Nola's case, as she grew bigger, she grew more fearful of people. All the while, that thick plastic band clamped on her neck was cutting deeper and deeper into her flesh. from what I could observe that first day, this little pup would not survive much longer. The collar had cut inches deep into her neck, nearly to the bone. Rescuing her was extremely urgent.

After several attempts, we were finally able to capture her. I rushed Nola to the clinic and Dr. Lisa said it was the worst embedded collar she had ever seen. She said it was a miracle the puppy was still alive. She was going to need around the clock care for weeks and weeks so the wound could be cleaned and dressed daily. That is when I put out a desperate plea for a foster family for little Nola. And that is when Nola's fairytale began.

A very special family stepped up to care for Nola. I knew they were extraordinary the first time I spoke to Kierstein on the phone. She was crying tears over Nola and she had never even met her. Kierstein and John picked the puppy up later that afternoon and they took such good care of her over the next few weeks. Her recovery was miraculous. No one could believe how quickly Nola's neck was healing. And no one was more proud than Kierstein. She sent me weekly updates and I could read between the lines. Nola had blended right into their home and into their hearts. We were thrilled the day they finally adopted Nola and made her part of their family. 

Nola is living the life every dog deserves. She is part of an amazing, loving family. If I were writing a fairytale, I could not think of a more perfect ending. Mom, Dad and fur kids?? They lived happily ever after...."