Day 29: Ellie

She is sporting her orange for the VOLS big game. What a Blessed life she has. If you could only see the neighborhood where Ellie was rescued, along with her siblings. It truly warms my heart to see her so loved and so clean and fluffy. There was a time when she looked like a dirty mop!

Ellie's story as told by Sandy " I received a call from a woman in our county that had 3 dogs she no longer wanted around.  They originally belonged to her son, who had moved away and left his dogs behind.    Knowing the neighborhood like I did, I fully expected to find 3 starving pitbulls chained up to a tree when I arrived.   When I pulled up to the house, much to my surprise, came 3 precious little filthy dogs running to my car.  Their fur was deeply matted from months and months of being out in the elements.  They smelled to high Heaven.   I could instantly tell it was a mother and her 2 grown up pups.   They had no idea how neglected they were, they were just so happy to see a kind face.   One by one, they hopped into my car and we were off to a brand new life for this precious little family."

Help give more dogs like Ellie a chance... 

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