Day 6: Harley


We still haven't found that "perfect family" for Harley. But we try very hard every day to let Harley know that she is still special and she is loved beyond measure. If Harley's fate turns out that she has to live out the remainder of her life in a shelter, I am just thankful to God that she is with us. This dog is such a treasure.

I have been feeling really sad about Harley the last few days. It breaks my heart that this senior dog is lingering in our shelter. But then this morning, I ran across a picture of Harley with one of our volunteers, right after she came to us. She was so broken. And when I look at Harley now, just a few months later, I have to Rejoice. I have to Thank God for her healing. I am so thankful we saved this precious dog. And she is thankful too.

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